Thursday, December 18, 2008

Silent Night

Today we read, Silent Night by Will Moses. It is a beautifully illustrated book by a renowned folk artist. It is a story of a family preparing for a new baby to come on Christmas Eve. It is set in a tiny Vermont village and incorporates the first stanza of the song Silent Night. The children really enjoyed this story, it has a very sweet ending. We made candle holders out of blue bags, we cut out different shapes for windows. Then we took Peel and Stick laminate paper and sprinkled different kinds of festive glitter to it. We used battery operated "flickering candles" (so we wouldn't burn the house down with real candles). We sang Silent Night with all the lights out, then we told stories - like you do when you are camping around a fire. It was a nice evening. The kids each took one light to their rooms and watched them as them fell asleep (you could never do THIS with real candles!). Now, I'm using the bags as gift bags for Christmas presents!

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