Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jesse Tree

Join the Exchange!

Join us for a Jesse Tree ornament exchange! Start the new memory with your family of a Jesse Tree, or if you already have done one before then join in for something new this year by making ornaments to exchange. See the explanations and rules below. I will be posting very soon about the where and when of the exchange. We only have about a month until December so don't hesitate getting started on this one.

A Jesse Tree for Advent

Advent begins on the Sunday four weeks before Christmas Day. The word "Advent" means "coming". It refers to the coming of Jesus, the promised Messiah. The use of a Jesse Tree during the Advent season is a great way to "show and tell" the redemption story and the "coming" of the promised Savior! You simply hang up ornaments each day before Christmas as a "count down". The ornaments represent the lineage of Jesus and important events in the Bible leading up to his birth.

Jesse Trees date back to the middle ages. Even some ancient cathedrals have Jesse Tree designs in their stained glass windows. The idea for a Jesse Tree is inspired from Isaiah 11:1, "A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit." (Jesse was the father of King David.) In Matthew chapter one, the Messiah, Jesus, is traced from the line of King David, and back to Abraham.

You can make a Jesse Tree by hanging your ornaments onto an interesting looking tree branch which is set into a stand or pot of soil or sand that is covered with a pretty fabric. Some people make Jesse Trees out of felt or fabric to hang on a wall. Hopefully we will have 25 hand made ornaments to hang for each day of December!

Ornament choices

(The ones with names next to them are spoken for)

Day 1 - Globe - Joy B.

Day 2 - Apple and Snake - Brenda S.

Day 3 - Ark with Rainbow - Janell L.

Day 4 - Camel and Tent - Gail T.

Day 5 - A Lamb - Sunshine T.

Day 6 - A Ladder - Brenda S.

Day 7 - A Colorful Coat - Caroline W.

Day 8 - A Tablet with Ten Numbers - Andrea W.

Day 9 - A Cluster of Grapes - Amanda K.

Day 10 - A Sheaf of Wheat - Aleida

Day 11 - A Slingshot - Andrea W.

Day 12 - A Scroll or Bible - Debbie R.

Day 13 - A Stump with Fresh Shoot or Green Leaf -Tracey S. (my angel)

Day 14 - A Lion and a Lamb - Angela S.

Day 15 - A Dove and a Crown - Tammy J.

Day 16 - A Lamb and a Shepherd's Staff - April A.

Day 17 - A Cross - Mary D.

Day 18 - A Heart with Writing on It - Dawn G.

Day 19 - A Bethlehem Town Silhouette with Star - Gail S.

Day 20 - A Fiery Furnace - Korey P.

Day 21 - A Brick Wall - Renee H.

Day 22 - A Star - Angela S.

Day 23 - A Candle or Light - Heather J.

Day 24 - An Angel - Tracey S.

Day 25 - A Baby in a Manger or a Nativity Scene - Amanda K.

jesse tree rules

Rules for the exchange:

  1. Choose an ornament you would like. Remember, you'll be making 25 of the same ornament, so make it somewhat doable.

  2. Email me so I can put your name beside the ornament list below.

  3. Ask a friend to join you. Someone at church, a neighbor, family member, etc. Have them do #'s 1 and 2.

  4. Meeting place and time will be announced.

  5. On the day of the exchange, simply bring your 25 ornaments (all the same one) in a basket.

  6. Have each ornament individually wrapped in a baggie with a label stating what it is and what day it is for. This is a great help during the month of December and putting them away afterwards.
  7. Ornaments need to be no smaller then 1 1/2 " and no larger then 4 1/2".

Questions you may have:

1. How do I make the ornaments? Are there directions? No. You have creative license. Feel free to have your children help make them. Just remember that many families will use these for years to come, so make them durable and presentable. Some ideas may include felt, foam, clay that hardens, embroidery work, wooden disks, small toys outfitted to be an ornament, shrinky dinks etc.

2. Can I get 2 complete sets - one for me and one for a friend or neighbor? Yes. If you sign up to make 2 different ornaments (25 of each ornament), then you can pick up 2 sets!