Friday, December 5, 2008

The Christmas Cobwebs

This book is one of two that we will read about the tradition of tinsel on the tree. Can you guess what the tinsel comes from? (Look at the title of the books - The Christmas Cobwebs). I know it is a weird combination - spiders and Christmas. But, what fun we have with these books! We take this time to talk about any special ornaments that we have on our tree and special stories behind them, often remembering friends and family members that gave them to us. We take out the ornaments that I have given each child in the past, on Christmas Eve, that reminded me of that child and giggle about how they've changed and what they still hold dear.

I found a great craft idea from Family Fun on making snowflake ornaments. (They are kind of like spiders webs right? Come on, make the connection. If all else fails, they are just a new collection of ornaments to talk about next year or give them away depending on how many you make). All you need is pipecleaners, the see-through ones, white mini pom poms, fishing line to string the snowflakes and clear tri-sided beads to string on the pipe cleaners. You can see from the picture they are easy to make.

Oh! If you don't get the book, you can go to this link: Golden Cobwebs to read a story about spiders and Christmas. Check back soon because we will be doing more activities about spiders and tinsel next time.

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