Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas goody basket

Every day I put new goodies in the Christmas basket. Yesterday there was our first book The Christmas Cobwebs, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, a family read-aloud (hilarious with many teachable moments), and all the ingredients to make the snowflake ornaments. We made the ornaments today after our Jesse tree devotion. Then we hung them up in a room. I'm sure we'll make more as they were so much fun.

Day 6 - Jacob's Ladder

Genesis 28: 10-17 How wonderfully comforting to hear from God that he would personally see to it that you would be taken care of, even though you are a failure at most things you attempt. God used this helpless man to become the source of blessing and means of salvation to the entire world through his son Jesus, whom he would send many years later. The ladder we hung is a symbol of the communication we now have with God through his son Jesus. What a wonderful reminder.

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