Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Christmas is pish-posh!
Oh my, I was not prepared for this story. Good thing the book came with a CD, because I wouldn't have been able to make it through without crying. This book is about the best woodcarver in the valley that keeps to himself and no one knows why he never smiles or laughs. I won't give anything away here. A mother and son request that he carves a nativity scene to replace the one that they lost in their moving to the town. This book is about hope and love. This book will get read every year in our home, that's a guarantee. If you get the book with the CD, it is narrated by James Earl Jones, whom I love his voice, personally. Here is a link to the movie on Youtube, if you want to catch a glimpse and then get or rent a copy. I'm getting one from Netflix right now!
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So, the good Lord must have known that I was going to be sick on the day I planned on today's book because it happened to come with a CD, I had planned to watch The Nativity Story on DVD, and the activities I planned were fairly simple. So, I got to lay on the couch and recover while the children helped themselves. Perfect timing! So, the nativity stickers and nativity felt book were brought out and played with during the movie.

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Dawn said...

I remember reading this to my daughters in a doctor's office. Soon it seemed that every one was listening and I was struggling to read because I was crying. I'm a librarian and know that you're supposed to read the book before you read it aloud but I broke the rule and was embarrassed!