Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ornament traditions

Five years ago we started a tradition of giving each child (and hubby cause I can't resist) an ornament that is special to them for one reason or another.  Maybe it was a year that they got a new pet, or tried a new hobby, or maybe they took an interest in something that was unique to them.  I scour the stores and find something that says "Aha!" that makes me think of that individual.  On Christmas eve they open their new ornament and hang it on the tree.
Last year's ornament for hubby

Each year when we get the tree decorations out, everyone reminisces over their ornaments and talks about them.  They smile as they hang their ornament and I get to share in the memories and joy of each child (and hubby too).

Yes, I have ornaments to hang too.  The kids make me ornaments and friends occasionally give me a vintage or an Elvis ornament. 

We put up our tree tonight and it is glistening with memories.  What a celebration of life on earth.  It's a celebration of the birth of a baby Jesus; he died so that we can live.  I'm so thankful of the opportunities that we have had, and the time spent together.

To see more of our ornaments, visit this post on my homeschool blog.

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