Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frugal Christmas Gifts - mini wool wreaths

Grab some wool sweaters that your children have outgrown, or head over to your local thrift store and pick a few colorful ones up.  Remember, they must be wool.  Next, you need to wash them in hot water and dry them so that you "ruin" them or felt them. 

After that you cut 1" squares or use a rotary cutter and mat to cut 1" squares out of the sweaters.  I used jewelry wire that I had laying around, but you could use floral wire to bend into the shape of a circle.  The easy part is stringing the squares on the wire.  You do NOT need to get these straight.  They look better when they are crooked.  I simply twisted the wire together at the end and strung the wreath up by a pretty ribbon.   I found this craft at Bella Dia, here, and she gives you a couple of finishing options and a list of the items that you need.

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Jessica said...

I just made 2 of these last night! So easy and quick. I used embroidery thread instead of wire and it work very well. At first I thought these would be very heavy but unless you do a huge one they aren't any heavier than most cloth type ornaments.