Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas pillowcases

I apologize for such a dark picture.  I finished these pillow cases at night, while the children were sleeping.  Without proper lighting I had to photograph them before I tucked them away for Christmas Eve.  I didn't want my children to see them, because I want them to be a surprise.  I may or may not have sewn in secret pockets to tuck in Christmas wishes.  These pillow cases are going to get brought out as a new tradition each year.

Is that Marge Simpson?  Yup.  And, her hair is all decked out in garland and shiny Christmas balls.  Bart and the whole clan is there.  Don't ask.

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Lynn said...

Cute.. I love the pillowcase idea..I wanted to say thank you for the great felt tree idea.. I will put that I got it from you on my blog. I saved it a bit ago and when I posted it I forgot where I got it.. Your comment reminded me :) Thanks again!!:)