Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandparents Survival Kit

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Want to make something special for the grandparents?  How about a survival kit.

Here's some things you may want to include in a Grandparents Survival Kit.  Get creative and think of a few yourself too.  And grandma, stop reading this post right now or it will spoil the fun!

Safety pin - To remind you to keep safe.
Lifesavers - Because grandparents can be "lifesavers".
Marble - For the ones your about to loose.
Pencil - To write down your memories to share with the grandkids
Tissue - For cleaning up little messes
Candle - To remind you that you're the light in your grandkids eyes.
Mint - Always remember you are worth a mint.
Sugar Cube - For that extra burst of energy.
Sandpaper - For when the grandkids get a little rough.
Extra money - Spoiling kids can be expensive.
Sunglasses- For discreet granny naps.
Extra eyes - You will need eyes in the back of your head.

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Kate said...

this is adorable! i've been looking for something like this for grandparents. thanks for posting this!


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness. Found you through the Homemade Christmas meme and have spent entirely too much time perusing your blog, Christmas ideas, homeschooling links and (yes) even your thanksgiving stuff.

Love it.


I am now one of your bloglines groupies...

Have a great day and keep up the good work!